High Elves of Rivendell


In Rivendell can be found Elves with long, flowing golden locks, silver tresses and hair the colour of the dark shadows of twilight. They are at once venerable and noble as a king, yet hale and hearty as a warrior. They are tall and lithe, yet possess great strength and endurance. All High Elves of Rivendell have one thing in common: their pale faces are ageless, neither old nor young, yet written on them are the memories of both gladness and sorrow.


Ability Score Increase — Your Wisdom score increases
by 2 and you may increase any two other attributes by 1


The Eyes of Elves — You have proficiency in the Perception

Elvish Dreams — Your sleep is not like that of mortals.
When you sleep, you can choose to send your mind into
an “Elvish Dream” retaining full consciousness of your
surroundings and you needn’t close your eyes. Four hours
spent in such dreams acts on you as if you had rested an
entire night.

Against the Unseen — High Elves can perceive creatures
that dwell in the wraith-world, be they spirits or ghosts,
even when they are normally Invisible to the eyes of the
living (including Unclad and Invisible Ringwraiths).
Additionally, High Elves are immune to the Frightened
condition when the source of that condition is an undead

Elf-wise — You have fought against the Dark Lord for years
uncounted, and will continue to strive against the Enemy.
You are proficient in Corruption checks. A Corruption
check is any Wisdom saving throw that risks 1 or more
Shadow points for failure.

Subtlety of Craft — You have proficiency in one artisan’s
tool of your choice.

Languages — In addition to Westron (the Common
Tongue), you can speak, read and write Sindarin. You also
use Quenya, the Ancient Tongue, in song and high matters
of lore.

High Elves of Rivendell

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