Riders of Rohan


_The men and women of the Riddermark are warlike, fair and tall, most often with golden hair and light eyes. Darker hair and eyes are not unknown, though uncommon, and such features are at times looked down upon. They are deemed the signs of Dunlending ancestry, who are regarded with suspicion by the Rohirrim. Both men and women grow their hair long and often tie it in long braids, especially when riding.

While devoted to warfare in all its forms, the Riders of Rohan embrace life to its fullest, celebrating all its positive aspects in song and deed, and mourning their passing in sadness when forgetfulness and old age approach. Famed throughout Middle-earth for their horsemanship, they are equally feared for their prowess in battle, for their skills are formidable and they sing when they kill._


Ability Score Increase:

Your Wisdom score increases by 1 and you may increase two additional ability scores by 1.

Horse Lords:

You have proficiency in the Animal Handling skill.


You can speak the tongue of Rohan which is loosely related to the tongue of the Anduin Vales. You can also speak Westron and easily make yourself understood in accented Sindarin.

Riders of Rohan

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